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Enterprise SaaS Solutions

Examples of our enterprise SaaS solutions.
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Baseline Builder

Baseline Builder® promotes effective and practical internal controls while helping to support efficient governance, risk management and compliance (“GRC”) processes.

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Process Partner

Process Partner® helps to facilitate the workflow and improved visibility over processes for companies that historically utilized a manual, labor-intensive processes in any component of the organization.

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Flo® helps to facilitate data importing, data storing, data transformation, data reconciliation and data reporting. To solve a recurring data processing gap within companies, Flo was developed to allow disparate data sources to be repeatedly added.

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Ziel® promotes targeted performance management tracking and allows organizations to improve the efficiency of tracking of goals, strategies, lead measures and participant commitments.

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Divvy® promotes effective and transparent restricted stock tracking while helping to migrate away from spreadsheets to support end user computing efforts.

Our Enterprise Custom SaaS Stories

We leverage our enterprise SaaS to solve real-world business issues and mitigate risk.
Custom engineered solutions using our Baseology Platform.

What are some of the benefits realized by our clients?
  • Business process, rules and requirements are documented and evaluated.
  • Automated business logic and process can more easily evolve with the business strategy.
  • Less reliance on a single person developing and maintaining end user computing applications internally (e.g. MS Access).
  • No systems software or hardware to maintain internally
  • Subscription model allows for value to be better aligned with use.
  • All of our enterprise SaaS solutions including those custom engineered on the Baseology Platform are maintained, monitored and updated together.
  • Enterprise applications support mission critical operations.
  • Role based security can be granular based on need and all applications have an audit trail which cannot be modified.
  • Solutions are securely hosted with redundant systems available world wide.
  • Applications are responsive, reliable and accessible on various devices.

  • We spend 100% of our time on the following services areas.

  • Providing streamlined, responsive and reliable solutions using the Baseology® Platform..

  • Solving business gaps and mitigating risk with custom developed solutions using the Baseology® Platform.

  • Leveraging the Baseology® Platform to identify, mine, summarize, reconcile and report relevant data.

Global Reporting With Rules Based Tagging

Global reporting for a world wide manufacturer did not allow for adequate reconciling, summarizing and analyzing transactions.

Per Diem Expense Tax Exposure

Logistics company uses a transportation system that does not adequately help track and report driver per diem information. Company faces significant tax exposure.

Logical Access Reconciliation, Roles and SODs

Enterprise application does not support adequate restrictions of logical access, role based provisioning and segregation of duties.

Gap Between Mobile Application and Internal Management System

Developed a mission critical API allowing a company’s 3rd party mobile application to interface with their onsite transportation management system.


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